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Terms & Conditions

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El Cazador Taxidermy has no control over the specimen, nor the many factors, which have a very definite effect on the final result of dressing prior to it being received by us. These include but not limited to: primness, general condition of the specimen, climate conditions, bacterial or insect infestation, decomposition, chemical reactions, and most importantly, the lack of knowledge and facilities in the field by the sportsman. El Cazador Taxidermy cannot guarantee the results of any mounted specimen. Also, El Cazador Taxidermy will not be responsible for loss due to freezer failure, power failure, natural disasters, theft, or any other loss beyond our control. Any and all work will be done in the order it is received unless otherwise authorized.

A 50% non-refundable deposit will be placed on all specimens and projects for handling, storage, and skin preparation. The customer agrees to pay the remaining balance in cash and remove the mount from El Cazador Taxidermy's studio within ten (10) days after notification of completion. If the completed mount is not picked up within that time or other arrangements have not been made and agreed upon by El Cazador Taxidermy, then a storage fee of $5.00 per day will be added to the total balance. No mounts will be shipped until 100% of payment for project and shipping fees are received and all checks have gone through. Personal and company checks are only accepted for deposit fee and for clients shipping their specimens. Any check, which is returned as insufficient funds will be charged a $25 service fee. All checks should be made payable to Eric Zuniga.

Shop Rate - $100 per hour